As part of its mission to promote the MoReq2010® specification and ensure the highest quality of Information Governance across Europe and beyond, the DLM Forum formally certifies products and services, and undertakes accreditation of test centres before they can formally test MCRS solutions for compliance.

Upon application, the DLM Forum will vet all test centre applicants and when satisfied with their credentials enter into an accreditation agreement with the approved test centre. Please refer to the accreditation agreement for more information on how to apply for accreditation.

Download the MoReq2010® Test Centre Accreditation Agreement (PDF)

Note that Annex 1 of the accreditation agreement contains an overview of the accreditation process while the Appendix to Annex 1 contains an Application for Accreditation to be completed by the prospective test centre.

False Claims

If you discover any products, services or service providers, from any part of the world, that claim to be "compliant" or "compatible" with MoReq®, MoReq2® or MoReq2010®, or likewise claim to be "certified", "accredited", "approved" or "authorised" by the DLM Forum, or any similar wording, and they are not listed on this website, then please report them immediately to the DLM Forum Secretariat.



MoReq®, MoReq2® and MoReq2010® are registered community trademarks The MoReq® specification is produced by the DLM Forum