MoReq2010® introduces a new acronym to the jargon of a records manager. That acronym is “MCRS” meaning “MoReq2010® Compliant Records System”.

There are lots of generic industry acronyms like ERMS, EDRMS, CMS and ECM, to name but a few. These terms are vague, they could mean anything, and they are frequently used for marketing purposes.

By comparison, MCRS has a highly specific meaning. It means that the product is compliant with MoReq2010®, it has undergone testing by an accredited test centre, and the supplier can produce a certificate issued by the DLM Forum.

Compliance with MoReq2010® is highly valuable as the specification is designed around the needs of interoperability. MCRS solutions can speak the same language – other records systems only speak their own proprietary language.

In the future one records manager may say to another, “Is your system just an ERMS, or is it an MCRS?”



MoReq®, MoReq2® and MoReq2010® are registered community trademarks The MoReq® specification is produced by the DLM Forum