Interoperability is often mentioned – but what does it mean, and especially for MoReq2010®? In the simplest possible terms, if we have some records in one MCRS and we can move them to another MCRS, then they are interoperable.

However, nothing is as simple as that!

Each record has a “context” surrounding it, made up of its metadata, access control information, events and related entities, such as a record’s parent aggregation, its classification and its disposal schedule.

When we export the record from one MCRS and import it into another MCRS we want its context to travel with it. This means a “lossless” transfer of information. If we don’t keep the context with the record then the transfer is “lossy”.

Whenever a user exports an entity, or entities, from an MCRS the specification defines precisely what other surrounding entities must be exported with it. There is also a technique for ensuring that this group of peripheral entities doesn’t grow too large.

By transferring context we can hopefully ensure that records can be successfully exported and imported by generations of records systems, into the future.



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