Version 1.1 of MoReq2010® was published in December, 2011 and is the latest version now available. It can be downloaded in PDF format below.

Latest version

Download MoReq2010 Specification v1.1 (ENGLISH) (PDF)

This version has been published by the European Commission.

It can also be ordered from the EU Bookshop where a paper edition is available.

Note that the paper edition does not include Chapter 14: Information Model (data tables).

ISBN: 978-92-79-18519-9

ISSN: 1725-1540

DOI: 10.2792/2045

XML Export Schema

An important part of the MoReq® specification is the XML based export schema for all MCRS solutions.

The latest version of the XML Schema for MoReq2010® can be downloaded here:

MoReq2010 XML Schema (XSD)

The zip file below contains examples of data exported from an MCRS using the export XML schema:

MoReq2010 Export XML Schema - Examples v1 (July 2011) (ZIP)

Earlier versions of MoReq®

You can access earlier versions of MoReq in the members area of the DLM Forum website.



MoReq®, MoReq2® and MoReq2010® are registered community trademarks The MoReq® specification is produced by the DLM Forum